The Great Book of Lists hosted by La duchesse d’Erat continues and this week’s chapter is all about the little things you love. It took me sometime thinking what’s gonna be on my list for there are a lot of little things that I love BIG TIME, so I decided to list down some of those little things that cheered me up yesterday. 😀

1. My pens- We never know when an idea strikes. They come in a song, a scene, a person, a second, a blank stare, a blink of the eye, a deep breath. That is why I consider my pens as the extension to my soul. In a sudden rush of idea, these help me scribble and scrawl the rawest (is there such word?!) thoughts I get. In a flash of joy and sadness, these help turn my feelings into a sketch. 😀

2. My bookmarks- I haven’t bought a bookmark, ever. This thought makes me smile because it reminds me how special my bookmarks are. All of them were either doodles/sketches I made or gifts from very good friends. Below is a chibi hulk I drew two years ago and a gold-plated bookmark from my lovely friend, Rinabel. I simply love them! 🙂

3. My backpacks- If you knew me enough, you’d know I am rarely without my backpack. I’m always more comfortable in them than shoulders and slings. It’s great to know that they always got my back (literally!) whenever I’m in need of a pen, a book, a lipstick, or a coin. HAHA!

4. My 8pm solitary walks- I like these quite times alone– just me, myself, and I. A time to breathe and think how my day was, to walk amidst tall buildings and city lights, and wander and wonder how other people are doing. On my way home, I like to watch silhouettes of families from the windows, look up to the night sky and watch my favorite stars.


5. Cassiopeia- Yes, the constellation. Not the song by Sara Bareilles or the visceral serpent from League of Legends. Just those five burning stars forming a W or M (depends on your location) that we always see at night. I love it for it reminds me of home. Living oceans away from my beloved family, a glimpse of Cassiopeia simply brings me home. I remember how it hung just above our house on the evenings of June, shone in front on Decembers, and hid at the backyard on April Fools. Whenever I’m missing my family, I look for Cassiopeia and then I’ll be fine. 🙂


6. My bed- One my favorite thing to do after shift or during weekends is to sink on my bed. After all, everyone deserves a good unruffled rest after battling the hustle and bustle of the corporate world we live in. My bed is where a long list of ‘thank yous’ surface ended by a single word, Amen. 🙂



How about you? What are those little things that you love? I would love to hear them, too. 🙂 🙂 🙂