YAY! It finally started! La duchesse d’Erat has generously hosted a new blog event for the year 2016 tagged as The Great Book of Lists. Each week will feature a new list topic— lists that reflect your happiness, your hopes, your project, your inclinations, the person you were, and the person you long to become. At the end of the year, this gold mine of information, compiled together, will become our very own Great Book of Lists.

For this week’s chapter is a list of childhood treasures.

1. Old Photographs- Old albums are like storybook to me. As a child, I’ve always liked looking at old photos and listening to my Nanay or Tatay narrate the memories in those pictures. Most of them are vague to my memory, some people I don’t even know, that is why I believe old photographs are great treasure finds. For these are reminders of memory forever frozen in time.

Old Photographs

2. The Brave Little Puppy and Other Stories– My childhood favorite book. It’s a collection of twelve short stories that are all fun, inspiring, and full of moral values. I hope kids today still find time to read great story books like this. 🙂

First books

3. Arts and crafts materials- It started with a collection of crayons, to color pencils, to color pens, wooden sticks, empty bottles and notebook springs which grew and eventually turned my very own room into a junk space— messy but beautiful. I like to call it a beautiful mess. I just love collecting junks and scraps that offers boundless possibilities. My Nanay used to tell me when I was in grade school to clean up my room but she finally gave up in the long run. 😀


4. Dubdub- Meet my old friend, Dubdub. While some kids got their favorite doll or a robot, I’ve got the cutest stuffed cat/tiger (Geez! I still couldn’t figure this out) by my side. 🙂 He used to keep me company whenever I stay upstairs scrapbooking, doodling, or doing homework. It’s been ages since we last bonded and now I’m starting to miss him. 😦


5. Pretzels- I have come to accept that I’m an annoyingly forgetful person. I would give anything just to get an extra memory space if given the chance. Most of my childhood memories are vague, if not totally forgotten, that is why Pretzels have a special place in my heart for it brings me one of my earliest childhood memories. It was a time when I was still the only child (not sure what age but definitely not more than 4yrs old), I remember getting giddy and excited while waiting for my Tatay to come home from work. I would run at the sight of him and climb up on his shoulders asking for my Pretzels. It’s a very short memory but a very special one. 🙂 🙂


6. Edward Lear’s The Owl and The Pussy-Cat– My childhood favorite poem, the first one that introduced me to poetry actually. The poem is a love story between the owl and the pussycat and their search for a ring. There were various other silly characters throughout the poem and none of it really makes any sense, which I think added to its charm. Perhaps this also gave birth to my hopeless romantic soul? 😀

First poems

7. 90’s games- One of the perks of being born before the height of digital age is to be able to have fun with just pair slippers, rubber band, empty can, Chinese garter, palm/banana leaves or anything you could find under the sun. Our kind of fun then was vibrant and sweaty. It was screaming and laughing to our heart’s content— until our Nanays call us for siesta, which we always find ways to sneak from. 😀

90s games
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How about you? What are your childhood treasures? I would love to hear them, too. 🙂 🙂 🙂