FFfAW 10

The first hint of sunlight peeked through the clouds and pierces through her window curtains. Julie pulled the covers up over her head, rolled over in one direction and then rolled back again— aching for sleep to consume her but failed.

“Wake up, sleepyhead,” whispered a soft voice on her ears before she felt a kiss on her cheeks.

Her heart throbbed with excitement and delight as she forced her eyes to open, finding herself alone in the room. Just an imagination, she thought. She rose from her bed and looked out from the bedroom window, only to find the world just as it is: pedestrians walking by and people speaking loudly over croissant and espresso in sync to a one fine morning.

“You are so unfair,” she sullenly said as she tiptoed back to her bed and dove under the covers. She lay quiet and still for several minutes until the sound of her sobs drifted in the air as she curled to her husband’s last letter. “Why do you have to go first?”

Word Count: 175

Here’s for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt. Today, I started reading Nicholas Spark’s The Guardian and when I came to read Jim’s letter to Jules, it inspired me writing this tale .


Dear Julie,
I know that if you’re reading this letter, I’ve already passed away. I don’t know how long I’ve been gone, but I hope you’ve been able to begin healing. I know that if I were in your position, it would be hard for me, but you know I’ve always believed you were the stronger of the two of us.

Find someone who makes you happy. It might be hard, you might not think it’s possible, but I’d like you to try. The world is a better place when you smile. And don’t worry. From wherever I am, I’ll watch out for you. I’ll be your guardian angel, sweetheart. You can count on me to keep you safe.
I love you,


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