Never have I looked straight into those eyes
For I have nothing but a fear and a sigh
Fear that I’d see right through her pain
When I have been living my life in vain
Walking all mighty and high

Never have I held her in my arms
Or bothered to ask if she’s cold or warm
For asking meant letting the truth to seep through
Saddling me the weight of things I couldn’t do
In sidewalks, these young souls swarm.

After going to church yesterday, a street kid of about three or four years of age came to me asking for money. She was a skinny little girl and her innocent black eyes beneath those noticeably gorgeous long lashes were looking up to me full of hope. Little did she know that I was a towering coward. It scared me to think that she might be raised by one of those syndicates here in our country that prey on little children to do the dirty work for them. It scared me to think that she might end up buying a plastic of rugby instead of food for herself. It scared me to think that she’ll hand the money to her parents and use it for God-knows-what. A lot of things were running on my mind and I did the most common thing people do— I walked past her, ignoring her little voice and her outstretched little hands.

A few steps later, I looked back and saw her follow an elderly woman who did the same thing. That’s when I made up my mind. It was bad enough for me to think ill of her but it was worse ignoring such innocent soul. I may not be able to change the world but maybe I can at paint a smile on that little girl’s face. Maybe next Sunday, I can look straight into her eyes.

Hmm.. I don’t want to  hand money though, how about a burger and fries? 🙂