You are the memory lane
Of long walks and
Dancing in the rain.
Your pavement is warmth
With our footsteps
Two pairs of prints
Side by side.
The trees chant of a romantic song
Swaying with the wind
Playing a wondrous music.
The lamppost at the end of your road
Is my northern star
Taking me home.
Casting its light over our love nest
A wooden bench
Where my love waits
In his crescent smile.
Two souls stuck in a black hole
Time frozen still
Lost in the void.
6th street you are my oasis
Keeping my love alive
For I may have lost
The warmth of his touch
But your are a memento
Of what we once had.

Sickness took its toll during the weekend and my mind is both a mess and a chaos. Odes and metaphors are lovely pairs but it took me quite some time to make one that involves the idea of  a ‘map’. I hope this one does justice.

So here goes my attempt to blend Ode and metaphor for our Writing 201 Day 5 assignment. 🙂

Prompt: Map
Form: Ode
Device: Metaphor