Today I saw a maiden—her skin so fair and long blond hair scream of a youthful beauty; those rosy lips and blushing cheeks best the darling buds of May. But if I have to say what I truly see, it’s beyond a splendor that declines. For I have seen the burning fire boundless by death or time. I see her wound that left a scar and forever will leave its mark. I hear the sound of shattered glass ringing in my ears. And how her touch is a warm proof of how she fought the pain she bears inside. Today I saw a maiden—she prayed that I, too, be fearless and will never ever hide.

I love reading and listening to prose and spoken poetry though I’m not really good at both. So here goes my attempt to prose poetry with a blend of internal rhyme for our Writing 201 Day 3 assignment. 🙂

Prompt: Skin
Form: Prose Poetry
Device: Internal Rhyme