Inspiration Call - Creative Talents Unleashed 4

She used to be a summer raindrop pierced by sunbeam
A moist breath wringing the willow reeds
A pattering beat to the calm and silent
A tinkling harp of droplets to the meads

Now her lullaby is gray, thick, and raw
Screaming from the isolating blanket of clouds
She comes hammering the earth, whipping sheets
As claps of thunder herald her dawn

She used to be a raindrop scattered on a trembling leaf
Filling its tip a cascade of pearls
A slow and endless drizzle to the crackling flame
A bead of iridescence in the evening breeze

But now she swirls and twists with the rising wind
Plunging fiercely to the sodden ground
Smiting the garden bed that the flowers knelt
Her torrents sharp; she cries an ocean of tears.

Inspiration Call: Pretend you are a raindrop falling to earth and describe your fall from the clouds.

Funny. I got carried away with Rajas’s Inspiration Call: Creative Talents Unleashed prompt. Still worth posting though. 🙂

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