Inspiration Call - Creative Talents Unleashed 2

Time equals freckles, chances, and growth
Some we spend wisely, some we lose as we go.
Others live with rosy lips and cheeks under shades
But in the twilight of our days, these too shall fade.
When death’s shadow comes in sharp bending sickle
Should we face it with pride or bow with sorrow?
For some days we breathe but in fact live a little
Relying too much that we still have morrow.
Behind every charade that we flaunt each day
We weep but smile; acquiesce but oppose.
Will we mean what we meant even for a day?
Bare what we want, live the life we choose
Life equals time, memories, and value
It is a squandering way to live it in faux
Let it be a game for the wise, a humor for the fool
Live it with pleasure that death will drool

And when the TIME comes that its SHADOW waits from BEHIND
Let the LIFE you lived ECHO that you’re perfectly fine.

Here’s a bit of fun for Raja’s Inspiration Call: Creative Talents Unleashed prompt.

Inspiration Call: Write a short story/poem to this scene using the following 5 words: Time, Shadow, Behind, Life, Echo

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