The brave

She’s the kind of brave who would battle the raging waves and fight the cruel storm just to keep your relationship. For you she’ll fight against all odds. She’s the kind of brave who remembers. She’ll remember how she walked into love with you, with eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way, even when you’ve already given up. She’ll remember how she was once your sunshine and you were her moonlight. She’s the kind of brave who would wait in the room when you slammed that door close, hoping you’d come back in a heartbeat.That even if things are falling apart, although she’s broken and scarred, she’ll try to fix what little you have left. And when you finally realize you could never find someone as beautiful as her soul, she’s the kind of brave who’s mad enough to take you back. For she is the kind of brave who holds on to great memories and beautiful beginnings. Someone who believes in forgiveness and starting all over again.

The braver

She’s the kind of brave who wasn’t chosen, who was never on the radar, and was not an ‘x’ on the map. Someone too close yet too far. She’s the kind of brave who hides her heart in the corners of the earth where the moss of silence gathers—hopelessly, helplessly, and quietly loving you. She’s the kind of brave who forgets. She’ll forget that she deserves someone who would treat her as a choice and not as an option. She’ll forget how painful it is to see you staring at another girl, saying how much you love her. She’s the kind of brave who would wait for you to see right through her, on how you’ve always been the starlight in her prose. And on the hour of rage and despair over your broken heart, she’s the kind of brave who’s selfless enough to listen to your woes and tell you it’ll be fine. For she’s the kind of brave who remains a true friend. Someone who’ll love you even when you’re unraveling and would stick until the very end.

The bravest

She’s the kind of brave who has fears and lots of doubt for she was once a brave and a braver. Some battles she won, some she lost but she lives despite the things that scare her. She’s the kind of brave who lights up the night-time sky, not because of a man but because she’s a beautiful woman. She will try and fight but would have the courage to say goodbye. She’ll listen and forget; forgive and walk away. She’s the kind of brave who gives all in but does not turns back when she’s all done. She’ll collapse in the pouring rain but would learn to let go and move on. She could be sad but she’s the sort of sad that just takes time. She’s the kind of brave whose neither happiness nor contentment is anchored on a man’s warmth. She could paint, travel, and read thousands of books, and it’ll make her happy. And when someone says in a sad tone, ˝Don’t worry, you’ll find the one.˝, she’ll look at him/her in the eye, give her sweetest smile and say, ˝That’s okay. I am perfectly fine.˝— for she’s the kind of brave who’s fearless enough to find joy on her own. Someone who, no matter what life throws at her, keeps the faith and believes in love.

The thing about bravery is that it is not bounded by duality. People can be brave in all sorts of way, in any situation. And since we’re at it, here are my chaotic thoughts on bravery and love. 🙂