John Grisham- The Client

A blend of action, law, and wit all tossed in a gripping tale, full of threat and intrigue. The first John Grisham book that I’ve read. This one got me completely engrossed from the start when two young boys tried to stop a suicidal man which led them to a brawl not just for the truth but for their lives as well.

I was specifically fascinated by Mark Sway, the elder brother in the story, because of his cleverness at the age of eleven. The story moves at a fast pace from him being an innocent witness in possession of what seems to be the world’s biggest secret, to being the youngest client Reggie Love (the lawyer) has to handle, and to a life-threatening heave between of truth and deception. How astounding it is to imagine a kid brought into the courtroom surrounded by lawyers sniping at each other in the midst of barrage of laws, motions, and legal talk.

John Grisham also did a great job portraying how Mark and Reggie Love managed to deal with the FBI who’s willing to break the rules just for him to spill the secret and the mafia who will do everything to keep him quite. Their quest to find the hidden body and reveal the truth, once and for all, was indeed a desperate gamble that could either win the case or cost their lives.  It is an exciting, quick read with a pleasant change to the usual novels about crime and the law— with just enough legal information devoid of boredom. An utterly compelling and satisfying read.

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  • “It’s amazing how lies grow. You start with a small one that seems easy to cover, then you get boxed in and tell another one. Then another. People believe you at first, then they act upon your lies, and you catch yourself wishing you’d simply told the truth.” 

Done and dusted, mariawenttotown15