Imagine the villas in Venice, the streets in Paris, and the bridges in Spain. Café Talk has definitely made an alluring theme with its unique combination of European and Korean styles. The posh interior has beautifully arched windows, porch grills and hanging bridges. The place looks really lovely, I almost felt like I was in the exact scene where Romeo & Juliet exchange their balcony lines.

Cafe Talk - entrance
Th Entrance (Source:

Café Talk is quite narrow since both sides were occupied with private cubicles from top to bottom leaving only a stretched hallway in the center. Please be warned that this place is not meant for people who are uncomfortable with crouching or staying in tight spaces. However, if you’re up for a quiet and relaxed time with your beloved or a solitary introvert who wants to chill out, this is a good place for you.

Every cubicle is personalized as well. On the ground floor, you can lounge, watch a movie, and eat. The second floor is a better place for studying wherein you can read through books or if you want to have a quite time over comfy pillows with someone.  Bringing your friends can be fun too and you can crawl across the tiny bridges to get to the other side. Guests can also leave sticky notes on the ceiling, wall, and porch yet I still hope the sticky notes don’t get out of hand and mess the European ambiance.

Th view from the hanging bridge
The stylish window
The lovely bridge

This has been my to-go place since I’m most often alone and Banilad is just around the corner so proximity is a plus. I couldn’t help but think of Europe whenever I enter the cafe because it really does have this romantic European ambiance. I personally like lounging on the second floor because it feels more laid-back upstairs. The introvert in me has also fallen deeply in love with their huge teddy bear sitting quietly in the hanging bridge adorned with colorful flowers.

PicMonkey 2 Collage

I tried to bring my friends once and we had a lot of fun taking pictures and laughing at ourselves. I think though that these lovebirds did not find the place as comfy as I did because they like open spaces better as opposed to Café Talk’s secluded cubicles. But I know they find it a pretty good spot for a relaxed, intimate, and romantic date.

rinabl red
Meet my loud friends– Rinabel and Red

PicMonkey 3 Collage

As for the menu, they have various choices from hot/cold coffee blends, smoothies, shakes, and food dishes. It’s a bit pricey since you’re not only paying for the food and drinks but for the place itself so you better make the most of your time while you are there. Along with fries, I opt for my all-time favorite Double Oreo while Rinabel and Red ordered Java Chip.


As for me, it’ll always be my comfort place. Simple. Quiet. Romantic. The cafe opens from 10 am to 12 midnight and the best time to go there for me is between 1 pm to 3 pm because there are less people. Who knows, you might see me around? *wink

For further info you may visit their Facebook page.

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