A message to a pair of lovebirds who finally found theirs

I was staring on a blank space with nothing to write about. So I just played Jim Brickman’s Destiny on loop for an inspiration. I stared at your photos and go down the memory lane. Back to when we were just starting to get to know each other, to when you were frail and couldn’t handle the pain and helplessly leaned on a total stranger.

I wasn’t there when it all started 7 years ago and I wasn’t there when the boat was smoothly sailing. I came when the tides were at its highest, in the midst of the enraged ocean under the wrathful sky. I felt the weight of tears that then turned into deep-sea. I didn’t know the story and I didn’t know if it’s worth the tears, if he’s worth it. I was thinking he was just one of those jerks and you’re just one of those fools. But I’m wrong, am I?

Maybe all we need
Is just a little faith
‘Cause baby I believe
That love will find the way


A lot of things have happened in those 7 years. You’ve made a bunch of memories and shared a million laughter. You’ve unraveled each other’s secrets and made fun of your flaws. You’re no perfect just as he is too. You’ve come to hurt each other and in doing so realized your deepest weakness- yourselves.

They say that the one who hurts you the most is the one you love the most. True to these words, you’ve found your kryptonite in each other’s hands. But what is beautiful is you’ve never lost the faith. That even when hatred binds your broken hearts and guilt overcomes your souls, you hold on to that one seed of hope. You succumb to forgiveness and second chances– and in doing so found your strength in each other. Just like your theme song, your love did find a way.

Baby you’re my destiny
You and I were meant to be
With all my heart and soul
I give my love to have and hold
And as far as I can see
From now until eternity
You were always meant to be
My destiny


You are the first of my friends that will finally start a new life, a beautiful new beginning. I may sound like a grandma but it does feel like I’m letting go something very important. Watching you both, I saw love as both terrifying and beautiful. It inspires me seeing you both happy and contented and it thrills me as you pursue a beautiful love story I once thought was just a game. May you spend the rest of your waking days falling in love with each other all over again and again. Keep the faith, keep the love. Be each other’s forever to infinity and beyond. Know that your friends are just right behind, always. xoxo