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If anyone has watched the movie, Lucky 7, where control-freak Amy sticks to her detailed timeline as a guideline in all walks of life including love, this one is about the same.

We are all hopeless romantic. We long for love and affection. We desire to feel the magic it brings. We hold on to our faith of finding true love. Some people get lucky, some work their ass off in search of ‘The One’, and some just run out of kismet. Time and experience may have changed our idea about love. Some gave up with their awfully broken-into-pieces heart whilst some stood up from the fall, wiping the bruises and forgetting the scars, to once again hope. Hope that someday, somewhere, somehow they might just get their luck.

Now I hope there really are traffic lights when it comes to love. But that is yet to come and we are left with our bare hands, fickle mind, and fragile hearts to deal with this Oh so great love. What is left to do is to take the risk, that terrifying and beautiful risk. Luckily, we get the hint of the stop lights in the long run. We met men one to six and restlessly wait for our lucky 7 to come—or not. Either way, it’s better to know what went wrong with those six and learn to play it better the next time around.

1. The High School Musicale

A brand new adventure waits as adolescence brought us to a new journey. We became invincible and bold to explore the realm of the unknown, to venture the uncharted mélange of feelings and emotions that magically transcend within us. And in the course of such attempt to be an explorer, we met someone who shares the same journey with us. And then the story of boy meets girl come into being.


He carries the seed of first love, a blend of infatuation and youth. The one you shared your first date with and gave you a kiss under the moon. The first person who brought you an avalanche of new emotions you didn’t know existed. He’s your prince charming and you’re his beautiful princess and you both dance off to the rhythm of your happily ever after.

But soon you two will grow apart and a bigger world unveils before your young romance. Some get a great dime of luck and love to stay strong while some find themselves walking different paths and living separate lives. And then it hits you like a thunderbolt, your happy ever after has now come to an end.

2. The College Dynamite

What we thought as an exciting adventure in our younger years becomes naïve to us upon entering the gates of college. In a world full of uncertainties and challenges, we were left with both chill and excitement in our spine. This is where our life’s next chapter begins– in a new bigger place filled with various new people. And in crossing such path, we step on one of the campus’ land mines and get a hold of Mr. Dynamite.

10404301_10205263856269549_336868033327916790_nHe’s the explosion of young love, giving birth to a new definition of love. Being a neophyte, you run for your frail heart to keep it from being shattered. But no, he will not give up that easy. You’ve became his challenging prey. He will come with his white horse and shining armor, and promise you the love and shield from all of life’s chaos. And when you finally believed you found your font of strength and protection, you fall for it. He became your knight and you’re his beautiful damsel. You face a new life hand in hand.

But even dating Mr. Dynamite can’t strike the hurdles and snags of college life. Things get more difficult and priorities took its toll. You became the light choice in his weighing scale he became the light choice in yours. The one you who thought was your knight and shining armor chose his life over you.

3. The Most Valuable PLAYER

As we became focus on papers and graduating, we lose track of potential Mr. Rights. We keep them in our hindsight but we’re always one step behind and careful. Our priorities hold more importance and we set love aside for a while. But in the midst of solitude and nerdy glasses came a guy named Jack; and you were his Rose—or so he thought.

10698656_10204352739252193_2441214165556230305_nHe is Jack of all trades, he knows all the tricks. He offers to take you to an exciting adventure. He is loud and bold, good-looking and self-assured. He’s the strong gust of wind on your quite afternoon. He is a master of living life to the fullest. He can turn your world upside down, and inside out.

Girls hate you for having such a nosy campus crush around but you know better to fall for his tricks. No. He’s not your Jack, you are not in Titanic, and you’re no Rose. He is but a good-for-nothing mahangin guy who may or may not have Rose 1, 2, 3, and 4. And along with the men that didn’t make it to your finite forever, sits Jack.

4. The Boyfriend Boy Friend

As we grow we learn not to chase love any longer. Not that we drop the seed of hope but we choose to go with the flow and let life happen. We build strong friendships instead. And in one of those friendships comes guy number four, the boy friend.

1464678_10205143320616233_4876500457348950712_nHe was once a stranger who now blithely eats your last slice chocolate cake; sips from the same straw you use, and makes you pay the bill.  He’s a thick-faced jerk but a dear friend anyhow. You two are so close that you hate being just that close. He knows you inside out—from your innermost thoughts and on how you love poetry and prose; or even to the little things like your addiction on dark chocolates and on how much you’re fangirling over Taylor Swift. He knows how annoyingly forgetful you are and he’s always there for the rescue. Two opposite poles you may seem, you both perfectly fits in each other’s lives.  You talk, he listens. He talks and you get lost in the depths of those gray eyes thinking why you are stuck in that zone.

Then one day he came with those eyes brimming with delight. He says he’s finally in love. And just before your happiness meter ascends high, he grabs your hand and led you to an alley where a girl in yellow charmingly walks. ˝That’s her, ˮ says he.  You knew then you’ll forever be in the friend zone.

5. The Puppeteer Warden

Being stuck in the friend zone sucks. We then start to wonder if there really is true love. As the people around us starts walking in pairs, the grim of truth becomes clearer. Forever alone. Oh how we sorely despise the phrase. And here goes guy number five in perfect timing.

1471851_10204261665615409_2175029674692272977_nHe’s a solitary soul who’s been through tough times like you. He came from a series of broken relationships and so do you. You started to fill each other’s emptiness. He brought you back to your feet and you carried the ray of light in his darkest days. He’s eager to dream of the best future for you. He makes the entire plan and gets to decide what’s for the best. You allowed yourself to fall for the words and actions because you’ve finally found the right person who’ll never break your heart. True to his words he didn’t. But you started to feel uneasy and choked. He always wants to be a part of your daily life that you have no time for other people. He’s with you every second of the day and when he’s not around, he calls and texts. He always asks the small things, always wants an update of what you’re doing and of who you’re with. At first you thought it was sweet but then he started to decide what you are allowed to do and what you aren’t. He makes a schedule for this and that, and plans to go here and there. He wants the relationship to be perfect, wants YOU to perfect. He sees the minute mistakes and turns it into a big deal. Every decision must come with an approval.

In your eyes, he started to look like a control freak than a boyfriend. And then you paused for a while, closed your eyes, looked deeper into your feelings, do the reality check. Am I happy? That’s all you needed to ask and you most certainly know the answer.

6. The One That Got Away

As we meet various kinds of the men in mars, we get more confused. Our standards are muddled and our definition of love turns topsy-turvy. We lost track of what we really want and got stuck in the crossroads. Then comes Helpy Helperton.

10984476_10205306989987865_2757736768975991033_nHe’s the kindest soul you’ve ever met, the one who’d go the extra mile spoiling you with his sweetness. He’s thoughtful and caring, he always looks after you. He’s the wind beneath your wings, always there to support. Someone who’d deal with your childish play and would always say you’re beautiful. He sees all good things about you, even the ones you didn’t paid attention to. He’s smart and articulate in every inch, the one you could have sensible conversations with. With him you’re a delicate glass he handles with utmost care. Everything seems to go perfectly well.

It was the one ideal relationship you’ve been waiting for but without a warning, without the slightest hint of sign, he got emotionally detached. You didn’t know when, where, why, or how it happened. It’s just like that, he doesn’t love you. You were together for so long you haven’t noticed that he’s falling out of love. He walked out the door and chased him with what little self-worth you still have. You want to ask him a bunch of questions but no words came out of your mouth. Tears trickle down your face as you see him walk away, leaving you with nothing but broken promises of a perfect love story.