I was planning on writing something about my quick summer trip to Bohol with my girlfriends but decided to make this for a very dear friend instead.

So here’s what they call “Mother Dam” which supports rice fields and other vegetation in San Pasual, Ubay Bohol. This may not be on Bohol’s official tourist attraction but I believe this could pass on one’s to-go-list. Mother Dam was so huge that we even thought it was a lake! The blue-green water surrounded by mountains that resemble the infamous Chocolate Hills are certainly picture perfect. The cold, chilly air the blows your hair is simply refreshing and the rays of the setting sun is just majestic.

The beautiful Mother Dam in Ubay, Bohol
The beautiful Mother Dam in Ubay, Bohol

We didn’t just had fun, we had a LOT of fun basking under the heat of the sun. These two beautiful souls with me are some of my treasures. They’re one of the best that I wouldn’t trade with anybody else.

Ain't the view just breathtaking?
Ain’t the view just breathtaking?
My gorgeous friends
I fell in love…

So like what I’ve said, this post is for a dear friend who is celebrating her 23rd birthday today.

I have various sorts of friends and this girlfriend of mine is on my ‘Smarty Pants-Crazy-Loud Ones’ category. *tongue out*

She’s smart— academically smart and street smart. She’s one of those friends you cheer as they walk on the stage with medals. Though she likes to have fun, she also likes to excel. She’s competitive and tough.

She’s crazy— the anime crazy, Korean culture crazy type of girl. This is where we clicked and had our “You too?” moments. I love it when we talk about our favorite anime and when we drool over our favorite Korean boy bands.

She doesn’t just talk— she talks loudly. Like someone who could surpass the absolute threshold of hearing! *kidding* Anyway, she could talk about everything at 100kph. Nonstop. She also speaks her mind and could be cruelly honest at times. But this is what makes her real. She likes what she likes, she hates what she hates.

I miss you Fat! Happy birthday! Don’t kill me for spilling some of your juices okay? I love you for it.

Friends for keeps

We don’t talk and see each other every single day—for weeks, months, and even years. We’re not inseparable like what we see in movies. You have your own life, I have mine. You’ve met new friends as I’ve met mine. But do you know what I like? Our hearts kept in touch– that even in our comfortable silence we still feel each other’s reassuring presence. That even when we’re apart, I look forward to the day when we’ll meet again and share our stories like nothing has changed. Have a great day today :*