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There’s a certain chaos that’s okay in life—some chaos comes in naturally exciting events. An adventure-packed vacation that leaves no room to breathe, a long shopping list for the holidays, and all the likely mayhem that comes with a busy Christmas season—these are life’s few moments of comforting chaos.

However, there are certain kinds of chaos that completely sap all the creativity and joy out of life. A desk overrun with piles of cluttered papers, a long to-do list flagged red with deadlines, and a confused brain devoid of inspiration. Not good. Most often—if not always—we find refuge in food, and eating has been an effective deviation from all the life’s stress and bad vibes.

The Art of Comfort Food

When I first heard about this bistro and checked it online, the first thing that I wanted to pry was, What is the art of comfort food?


Kuizine redefines the art of comfort food by combining Continental and Filipino delights in an inspired chef-crafted menu. It is a fine-dining restaurant located at the Centero Arcade Capitol, behind UNO office, right beside Carlo’s Batchoy. Seating thirty people and open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Kuizine provides a quality, locally-sourced menu and focuses on providing guests the art of comfort food.

It is the heart, they said, which is the reason behind the art of comfort food. Every delicacy was made with passion and love. If I may add, I believe that it’s also their spirit of close family ties that makes the place comfortable.

Kuizine is a family business managed by siblings Rico Kuizon, Mel Anthony Kuizon, and Faye Monique Kuizon; hence, Kuizine comes from the root word Kuizon. From a simple dream, the Kuizon siblings made this reverie happen for their family, especially for their dad.

Seeing those family pictures framed on the walls, with genuine smiles painted on their faces, adds a warm welcome to the guests. One gaze at them and you would know that your satisfaction is in the hands of a beautiful family.


Afternoon Food Frolic

If you’re up for a pleasant afternoon food frolic or off to explore Cebu’s wide variety of restaurants, you might want to stop at Kuizine.

My colleagues and I were cheerfully welcomed by the Kuizon siblings who started our afternoon food frolic with their bacon jam—onions and bacon all tossed with a salty, spicy, and sweet relish spread on crusty bread. The mishmash of flavors makes a delectable blend that made me want to take a spoonful.



We’ve also had a taste of their ham and cheese pinwheel, which is a soft, flaky tortilla roll deliciously filled with cheese, thinly-sliced ham, and other appetizing things. It surely is a crowd-pleaser that would fit in any occasion.


You may also want to try their best seller in terms of salads. Their grilled chicken salad served with tortilla chips is a festive arty blend of lettuce greens, cucumber, mango cubes, and chicken strips in mayo dressing—a mouthwatering delight that you would want to spoil yourself with.


What better way to enjoy your pasta than to have a plate of seafood marinara? This delicious recipe of pasta on creamy white sauce topped with shrimp could make it to your must-try list. Their buffalo shrimp is also a new twist to the usual buffalo wings. The succulent shrimp coated in flour and deep fried, served with spicy sauce, is perfect for those who crave for heat.


On a personal note, my favorites during our afternoon food frolic at Kuizine would be their mains.

The native bacalao tinabal reminds me of home. It’s the perfect blend of salty and spicy flavors that made me crave for more.


Miggy’s Adobo Twist, which is dried adobo served with homemade vinegar (also a family business in Bato, Leyte) is also a glutton’s joy. The homemade vinegar certainly left a lip-smacking tang in our mouths.


Lastly was their seared salmon with bacon and corn relish. The salmon was just perfectly done and so scrumptious just the way it is.


Our stomachs were already full and are about to burst, but we couldn’t end our food frolic without trying their freshly-baked cake for dessert. It’s an explosion of chocolate, marshmallows, ice cream aptly called in the menu as “The Bomb.”


So to everyone who’s up for a hunt of new and fine place, you might want to try Kuizine. Set aside your chaotic moment for a while, and find your inner peace with food. Spend some time with your circle of friends, and you’re up for a great discount. Have fun!

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Kuizine “The Art of Food Comfort”
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