Photo credits: Alex A. Banaag II (Bukool)

Pound for pound 10 Dove Street is undoubtedly nothing short of one of the best food havens in Cebu. From the inviting facade that speaks loudly of warm welcome, to the scenic interior, to the luscious food we were served with, I was at lost of words and could only utter ‘perfect’.

A touch of French

This artfully named restaurant that was once tucked away in the outskirts of Sto. Niño village has finally found a new home at the Oakridge Business Park. For more people to enjoy what the privileged few had, 10 Dove Street has brought their homey, enchantingly cozy, and extremely romantic quaint bistro closer to the public.

For first timers like me, I suggest you come extra prepared. Grab a chic outfit and gear yourselves with fully-charged cameras because this dainty little resto is about to challenge your Photography 101 with their exquisite French-themed ambiance. The welcoming fascia in bricks, polished woods, and glass is just an overture of the intelligently adorned interior. I felt like we were transported to another place as we entered the resto. Hardened wood filled the area and along the iron-clad coffee tables the maître d’ greeted us with welcome as we stood in awe.

10 Dove Street outside
The entrance

As we were lead to the 2nd floor, I can’t help but admire the beautifully adorned walls with frames and what-nots on étagère. Above the stairway hang effigies of love birds in a cage painted in white, a touch of charm indeed. The upper story is a seamless scrap of a French café, a perfect setting for an intimate date or a casual eat-out. The garden tables are covered in white tablecloth made the place homey and inviting. The delicate cutleries they serve their meals with were flaunting the food with grandeur. What they’ve got is not your ordinary tableware but gleaming Dresden China that would make you feel like your inside an old English mansion. I felt so satisfied and mind you, we haven’t eaten yet!

Charming lovebirds
Feels like home
crockery 2
Lovely, eh?
Saw these pictures hanging. These were from the resto’s old place.
Classy china

A veritable glutton’s feast

They say that to cap a sumptuous treat, you start it with a cup of coffee—and sumptuous it was. Our cappuccino and tea were served in lovely tea cups which come in different sets.

10 Dove Street is special in its own way. They concentrate in gourmet sandwiches with a choice of wheat or regular bread.

Despite being a fine dining restaurant their veritable glutton’s feast is actually quite affordable and reasonable. With just Php 250, one could easily indulge with their choice of three/four course meal—entrée, main course and salad, and dessert. I heard that the food are served in sequence too which seems to follow the West’s haute cuisine serving style– the soup first, then salad, then sandwich, and lastly a choice of their cake for your dessert.

The sandwiches are the heart of the meal. Just the right chunk of either white/wheat bread is a milieu to an arty blend of lettuce and whatever delight of your choice. As for me, I choose the Chicken Sta. Fe sandwich which is chopped chicken fillet, tomato, bacon, cucumber and cheese in toasted wheat bread.

chicken santa fe
Chicken Sta. Fe

We spoiled ourselves with their all time favorite, Harvest Apple salad—a combination of chilled diced apples, black grapes and walnuts in mayo dressing. We’ve also had a taste of their Mt. Fugi salad which is a mélange of lettuce greens, cucumber, mango cubes, and crab strips in mustard mayo dressing. Both salads are indeed mouth-watering.

Harvest Apple Salad
Harvest Apple Salad
Mt Fuji Salad
Mt. Fuji Salad

The last course of the meal is a slice of any of their homemade cakes and we didn’t just get one flavor, we had four– a slice of their Chocolate Decadence, Cappuccino Cake, Avocado Mango Cake, and Yogurt Cake. The dark chocolate ganache, moist and soft cake with velvety filling made the Chocolate Decadence a font of glut. My personal favorite though is the Cappuccino cake which is a rich burst of coffee and chocolate. The perfect combination of bittersweet taste is heavenly. Delectably peculiar to our tastes is the Avocado cake which certainly left a sweet tang in our mouths and the Yogurt cake was lip-smacking in itself as well.

Homemade cakes

The sweet journey

Mrs. Mirasol Verallo started her love for baking after her marriage to Lee in the year 1973 in his hometown in Bogo, Cebu. From there, she started selling to friends and relatives her delectable cakes and pastries which were known for using only quality ingredients. Soon after, the young couple moved to Cebu City where Mirasol’s home-based goods became an instant hit with the Cebuanos.

Encouraged by her family, Mirasol decided to open a quaint café tucked in a small portion of her home in Sto. Niño Village. Aptly naming it 10 Dove Street, after her home address, the café became known for its affordable and heart meals, personalized service and cozy ambiance.

Though word of mouth, the popularity of 10 Dove Street grew and people who would line up for a taste of her home crafted meals and made-to-order cakes and pastries.

And after 12 years, 10 Dove Street has decided to move to a new home in order to open its doors to more people, while ensuring to maintain the traditions that Mrs. Mirasol Virallo has created- a combination of cozy ambiance, good food, and a perfect slice of heaven.

A Sweet Journey
A Sweet Journey
10 Dove Street
Colleagues with the owner

So to everyone who’s up for a haunt of great food and fine place, 10 Dove Street is a good spot for you. Be it to impress your date or to enjoy a chit-chat with friends and families, this food factory is perfect slice of heaven indeed.

 Done and dusted, mariawenttotown