This is one of those late evenings where my friends and I decided to saunter around Banilad and try yet another Korean-themed café here in Cebu. We’ve been hearing a lot of feedback and posts about this café named Café Namoo and we dare not miss what they have to offer.

Namoo is a Korean word which refers to a tree. Meanwhile, in Bisaya the word means “ato” or “ours”. Upon entering the place, we already got the idea why the café was aptly named as such. We were welcomed by wooden interior of a place that looked like a playroom and at the center was a life-size playhouse festooned with hundreds of post-its and photographs.


The place has this concept of bunk-beds as lounge areas instead of the usual cozy couches. I know I’m a little girl but I find their bunks too short and the stairs too narrow. Anyway other than that, the place is fine and neat.

Like most of Korean-themed teashop in Cebu, guests are also free to write on colorful sticky notes and post it anywhere in the café. These multi-colored sheets have eventually been a part of the interior, a playful complement to the wooden backdrop. It’s actually kind of fun reading people’s thoughts through their post-its. As for me, I take pleasure checking out their grammar (MEAN, I know!) and their love rants for I’m a fellow hopeless romantic myself.

Here’s something I wrote. Taken from Lang Leav’s Lullabies.


It was almost midnight when we got there so there weren’t a lot of people. Some people inside were group of friends playing board games and students doing some school works.  We came to hangout and just chill—and yeah laugh and loud in full volume and take hundreds of selfie. *rolls eyes*



As for the menu, they have the usual smoothie, frappuccinos, hot and iced coffees on their own take. We ordered their iced mocha and had a taste of their Cup Bing Su. It’s the Korean version of our halo-halo topped with cocktail bits which was quite good—not too sweet, not too bland. They also gave us a free Ube smoothie for their pre-valentine treat. Yey!


Too bad the place closes at midnight and we didn’t get the chance to fool around. I would have loved to play their cute piano and take a bunch of picture inside the room full of colorful balloons. Anyway, I believe in second chances. Looking forward to another treat. 🙂

Cafe Namoo is located across Country Mall in Banilad, at the 2/F Northgate Centre Building, beside UC.

 Done and dusted, mariawenttotown15