My taste buds are not really fond of milk teas and I prefer chocolate and coffee drinks better. Still I always find myself going to this dainty looking tea factory, Chatime, located at E Bloc 2, Cebu I.T Park every now and then.

It has been a habit of mine going straight to Chatime on one of my solitary walks after shift and has been my refuge in IT Park during stressful days. I like these quite times alone– just me, myself, and I. I like watching students cram on their assignments in long tables. I like watching Koreans /Taiwanese /Japanese in cozy chairs surfing the World Wide Web. I like watching happy couples in their romantic date. I like to think about my family and friends and how they might be doing. Then I like seeing solitary souls and wonder if he/she and I are feeling the same? Lol. So much for drama!

Anyway, here it goes…

I finally get to drag myself to try their tea during its 2nd year anniversary. My friends and I waited in line along with hundreds of people in IT Park who wants to avail their ‘Buy one free one pearl milk tea’ promo. I didn’t try their teas though because I fell madly in love with their Chocolate Mousse. Gomen!

It was love at first taste…

The posh interior is bright and colorful; it felt like you’re in a dollhouse once you get inside. The purple and pink colors perfectly complement the white-painted walls and the polished woods on the floor. This gives you a childlike feeling and you surely MUST not miss to take your selfies in their cute, comfy seats.

Busy bees inside Chatime
You can select from a wide array of choices and see for yourself how the teas are prepared here
You can select from a wide array of choices and see for yourself how the teas are prepared here
I love how they designed the ceiling. This could be great idea for a girly bedroom!
Pink Chair
These chairs come in pink and purple. The cutest!

A strong Wifi connection is also a plus and outlets are conveniently provided beside the long tables as well. While waiting, the staff gives this cute disc that lights and buzzes when your order’s ready. Such an idea.

Pick me up when I buzz!

The menu offers a wide array of Mellow Milk Teas, Smoothie Series, QQ Jelly, Chatime Mousse, Oriental Pop Tea, Fresh Tea, Energetic Healthy Juice, Coffee/Hot Drinks, Chatime Special Mix, and Chatime EATS for some snacks to go with your drinks.  I also like how you can customize your choice from toppings (pearl / grass jelly / coconut jelly / red bean / aloe vera / coffee jelly / rainbow jelly / pudding / malt), ice options (no ice / less ice / normal ice / extra ice), and sugar options (0% / 30% / 50% / 80% / normal / extra).

Here’s a menu I’ve found in their page

As for me, it’s Chocolate Mousse with black pearls in 70% sugar content. Always. The combination of cocoa, mousse, and milk is a taste of heaven for me.

On a ‘Me-time’

They truly live up to their theme, Good Tea, Good Time. Try it out! Check them here. :3

Done and dusted, mariawenttotown15