Photo credits: AMS Team

Christmas one of my favorite times of the year. Well this is not new. I mean who hates Christmas anyway? I doubt and I most hopefully wish there is not a single soul like ‘The Grinch’ here. *fingers crossed*

Naughty and Nice– this is ASPI’s Christmas getaway theme this year and yes, we all came extra naughty and extra nice at Be Resort in Mactan.

My friends and I got too excited that we came as early birds in Moroccan outfit. It’s not every day that we get to dress and glam ourselves like this. Dang we looked pretty! *oops*

So here comes vanity! Aside from the food, the Christmas giveaways, and the spirit of camaraderie among colleagues, we also came for this one certain reason. In the clout of digital age where every moment needs to be captured and shared, we dare not miss the ‘selfies’ and ‘groupies’. Boy we’ve got hundreds of them!

On our way :)
On our way 🙂

We were welcomed by a long, red carpet walk on our way to the beach front which the company has reserved just for us employees. We can’t help our happy feet as we walk our way into the red carpet. The benefit of arriving early is you get to take pictures without a lot people walking behind so seize every opportunity you get to strike those poses.

IMG_20141213_143019 - Copy
The red carpet walk
The AMS Associate ladies
Michael, I think that’s Hawaiian you’re wearing pal!

I like how the resort was structured, simple and classy. There were tables and carpets on the sand which are a sweet touch of a Moroccan atmosphere. The stage was adorned with long and colorful silk too which complements the white sand and grayish-white sky.

The classy BE Resort
Beautiful, huh?
We get to own the stage for a while coz we’re early birds!

Some colleagues even came fashionably prepared. There was a group of beautiful Spanish women who wore Morocco’s traditional attire, djellaba, which is a long, loose, hooded dress with full sleeves. Some men came as Alladin too. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to get there pictures. *tears*

As for my friends and I, we just suit ourselves with bright colored silks and dainty fabrics.

Half naughty, half nice…
These cocoon-like chairs are seen around the beach front

Although it was somewhat a gloomy, the rest of the day was filled with fun and laughter. With moments captured and memories shared.

The early birds of AMS-FT
AMS-FT colleagues
The YOUNG and GORGEOUS ladies of AMS-FT
Beautiful still..

 Done and dusted, mariawenttotown15