I’m not familiar with the arm swing or how this game is scored but one thing is for sure– it was a lot of fun!

As a fun activity, the AMS day and night teams went to a mini bowling tournament in SM for the purpose of building up our camaraderie and teamwork. I honestly thought it’ll be boring (since most of us were unfamiliar with the game) and somewhat terrifying (with the heavy balls and slippery alley) but I was proven wrong. Our day was filled with excitement and joy, and mind you, we’re even good at this game! *wink*

The AMMS-FT bowlers
The AMS-FT bowlers

Since we’re randomly grouped, we had the chance to play with other teammates rather than our close friends. It was nice getting to know them better. We really didn’t care much about the scoreboards, we just rolled the ball and hoped it strikes all of the pins and avoid the gutter.

That's a strike by the way! :)
That’s a strike by the way! 🙂
My team

I’ve also got to play with my girlfriends and yeah, the selfie overload!






Surprisingly, my team got into the final round. We were ranked 3rd. Yey! I think the door to our bowling career just opened. *slow clap*



We finished off the day lurking around SM, the Bibo singing room and SM cinema. We sang to our heart’s content and ended up watching a horror movie (which costs Php 25 only). The people who were watching Annabelle in the adjacent cinema were loudly screaming in fear and we we’re like- “What the hell are we watching?!” It was supposed to be a horror film but we end up laughing at ourselves watching such a lousy movie. That’s what you get for your 25 pesos!


This day was a whole lot of fun! I think it won’t be long when  we shall return.

Done and dusted, mariawenttotown15