Photo credits: Ching Falcone


I fear to lose my knowledge, fear of my skills to fade
For what I know are my treasures that I will take on my grave
These are the sum of my efforts and the blissful end of my zeal
Forever will I be thankful of these knack I won’t conceal.

I was once a player of words- a gambler of sundry prose
I take pleasure on creating poems of life, love, and woes
Even writing news and features, drives me eager from head to toe
But it seems this burning passion is on a sojourn I have no clue.

This fear of losing my power- the most prized power I posses
It’s terrifying, hits like lightning- I’m afraid I must confess
So help me God I need to know how to keep this love alive
For the love of art and writing, I must solidly abide.