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The games, the water, the food, the team

The Author Marketing Services - Fulfillment Team
The Author Marketing Services – Fulfillment Team

SUMMER. It’s this time of the year again. Every time this thought crosses my mind, I couldn’t help but smile and reminisce that fun-filled summer we had two years ago.

We’re the 7th floor day shift peeps of the OPS- Marketing Services. For how many years, people in our team come and go. It was until the year 2013 that a powerful sense of togetherness revivified our accord thus creating the AMS FT (Author Marketing Fulfillment Team). Hence, our summer 2013 is not just any ordinary summer; it’s the kick-off start of those impromptu road trips, off the cuff outings, and fun activities for all of us.

In the far North of Cebu, along the beaches of Danao, situated is the Coco Palms Beach Resort. Everyone was all geared-up for this much awaited summer getaway. We called it our Summer Party Invasion For Fun (SPIFF). Laughter and excitement filled the air as we come closer to our destination. In the spirit of unity, we were all wearing our AMS FT jerseys. We even have our own team tarpaulin!

The infinity pool
The infinity pool

More than just mere onlookers of the gorgeous Cocopalm’s enticing beach and tempting pools, we came there as a tribe, literally. The main event was our summer outing amazing race. The team was divided into four tribes. The Tribu Arribaaa!!, Tribu Poseidon, Tribu Zimba Zumba, and Tribu Ramones. Each of the five stations in the amazing race games was ingeniously planned not just to have fun but also to build strong camaraderie within the team members. At the end of the day, reigning as victor was Tribu Zimba Zumba. Everyone was having a lot of fun that we all felt as winners alike.

Our tribal logos
Our tribal logos

Under the heat of the mighty sun, nobody seemed to care about our sun-kissed skin or with our dripping sweat. It was indeed a moment of laughter from foods and games and everything in between.

Game: Centipede race with a twist
Game: Centipede race with a twist
Pee wee wee!
I personally liked the chairs and tables by the infinity pool– native and classy.

At the end of the day, we all went home carrying smile in each of our faces and with a bond made closer moving forward. I could happily say that this is not just my best summer but OUR BEST SUMMER—yet! With this, I am confidently looking forward to the next AMS FT summer escapade soon.

Coco Palms Beach Resort is located at Sabang, Danao. Entrance fee (includes use of swimming pool) is Php 150. Cottage rental is Php 500. Waterpark is Php 100. For further inquiries, check out their Facebook Page and website.

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